Multi Factor Authentication Support

Dears Student,

As you are aware, you have been logging in to your "Student Portal", “Teams", "LMS" and "email" accounts with your Microsoft Office 365 accounts for a while.

However, Office365 systems have made it mandatory to log in with more than one method by adding another method besides the password, which is called MFA (Multi Factor Authentication) and it is not enough to only know the password to log in to the systems mentioned above.        

Among these methods, the most commonly used ones are those where you log in using MS Authenticator or the code sent to your phone as SMS message.

Below you can find video recordings on how to setup and use these two methods.

Meanwhile, in addition to these two video recordings, more recordings will be added on how you can use your EMU Office 365 accounts more securely.

  1. How to setup the SMS method to your phone and how to log in by sending a code to your phone.
  2. How to setup the MS AUtheticator application on your mobile device and use it to log in to your account.

1. Login with SMS

2. Login with Microsoft Authenticator


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